Holly Jean and the Box in Granny's Attic


Holly Jean and the Box in Granny's Attic

Written by Bonnie Compton Hanson

Holly Jean has settled down to life in the Kentucky mountains with her Granny Nanny and great-aunt Kate, while her dad is away fighting in World War II.  Life on the farm is never dull, and the scorching summer of 1942 is no exception.  A welcome home party, her auntís engagement, and a good old-fashioned camp meeting are keeping everyone busy from daylight to dark.  In the midst of all the summertime hustle and bustle, Holly Jean discovers a box in Grannyís attic that holds mysterious letters from her dadís past.  Who was the woman writing love letters to Holly Jeanís father, and what happened to her?  In her search for answers, will Holly Jean uncover secrets about her dad that were better off remaining in the past?

"Holly Jean and the Box in Granny's Attic" is a sequel to

ďHolly Jean and the Secret of Razorback Ridge,Ē a new adventure

series for girls, and has now been released by Warner Press.



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